Friday, October 30, 2009

The Story of the Silly Slithering Saw and the Slip-through Gate

Yesterday our lovely equipment entact puppy, Tensaw, decided he wanted to go for a jog through the town of Hamilton. Luckily the security guards at the lab that I work at and live right next to know that these crazy huskies are my dogs. So, when one of the guards saw Tensaw running free he contacted me and I went on a chase about town and found him with a Good Samaritan who was checking his tags. When we got back home Saw got hooked up and has remained hooked up since.

slither saw

So when I came home for lunch today and heard this horrible racket in my backyard I thought, Tensaw must have gotten all tangled up in something. But I came to find how he'd esaped because just on the other side of one our gates sat Saw trying as he might to squeeze back into the yard.  Since he was still hooked up and couldn't just go run free, he was trying to erase the evil he had done. It was quite a humorous sight.

Morals of the story: That gate needs fixed. If you see an escaped husky grab it before it's miles away and find its owner. And even the best trained huskies will escape the yard and run (though I'm not claiming that Saw is, it's part of the breed and it happens to the best of 'em).

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