Sunday, December 6, 2009

New Sled

Much has happened since our last post.  We are going to be adding a new member to the team, but it’s not a dog.  In February we’ll be having a little baby boy.  This new addition has put the expansion of our dog team on hold for a bit.  As much as we would like to, it would seem almost insane to take on another dog right now in the midst of a little man soon to come. 


Nicki, the leader of our local dog sledding group Bitterroot Mushers, put on a pull clinic a few months ago and I decided to take our pup (almost 2 now) to do some leader training.  The training session turned out to be too much for him.  He’s too distracted by other dogs and things to pee on at this point in his puppy life.  We need to find a place with minimal distractions to train him and then slowly raise the distraction level.  I think he would also do well learning from a trained leader.


Something productive did come of the pull clinic that day, though.  We’d been waiting for a sled to just “come” to us and that day it did.  I think the best way to get into sledding is to wait for someone who is getting out of it to sell all their equipment at a very reasonable price.  We got a sturdy sled and with it came harnesses, ganglines, chains, and tieouts.  Now the only thing we're missing is some snow.

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