Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Roaring Lion, Dusted Ice

Ah, finally, fresh snow.  And the first thing to cross our minds?  Dog sledding!  So Sunday we took the dogs up to Roaring Lion Road a short 10-15 minute drive from our house.  “Careful dear” is what Cobey cautioned as he stepped out of the truck because underneath that thin, new layer of snow was slick-as-it-comes ice.  We carefully harnessed the dogs, set up the sled and headed up the road.  Cobey was on the sled and I was on foot.  I took pictures of the pretty snowscape as I heard yells of “let’s go Blue,” “on by” and “leave it” fade away up the road.  I met them on the way back down the road, Cobey stopped the sled, and I got in the basket.  I thought the team would come to screeching halt after all 195 lbs of mom and baby hopped on board but I was mistaken.  Instead of Blue leaving slack in the line and just trotting along, all four (including Cobey) put their backs into it and took us down to the truck.  I was quite impressed though Cobey’s experience farther up the road left him less than enthusiastic.  On Tuesday it snowed all day and we decided to return to the same place for a quick evening run after work.  Just as last time we carefully set up and set out.  We were a little worried this time because as we drove up to the road we passed hordes of deer.  Luckily, none were encountered during our sledding adventure this time, but that will be a new mogul to jump when it happens and hopefully we’ll have good snow for braking.  The trip went much the same as last time other than I drove the team back to the truck.  Once again they pulled hard on the way back.  They have figured out the value of running fast to the truck because they get dog food baited water upon their return, and, to the Siberian Husky, nothings better than dog food…other than chasing deer.

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