Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A New Pup and Our Growing Pup

Once again, much has happened since our last post. Life seems to be going too fast for me to keep up, even with a typing speed of 68 words per minute. We recently moved into our new house. We are now officially first time home owners. To us the most exciting aspects of this are…the land for our farm, the land for our dog team, and the land for our garden. The house is very nice too and other than poorly placed light switches (which I have a problem with in most houses) there is nothing that bothers me about the house. It is literally my dream house. It is exactly what I wanted and more.

So, now that we have our new house with more property, we need to fill the void with more dogs! To that end, we have become owners of a new puppy as well. Betty ’s Isis of ByDog (Isis) arrived this weekend from North Carolina. Cobey searched high and low for a female pup with certain attributes: black and white, with no widow’s peak, two blue eyes, and a white diamond spot on her shoulder blades. Our current, fairly well-mannered Siberians have these same characteristics and Cobey believes their personality traits are linked to their looks. So, with his reasoning, a similar looking Siberian is more likely to have the same disposition as our beloved ones; just a flowery excuse for him to get another pretty dog.

She seems to fit into the pack fairly well. She is a combination of all three; the voice of Tensaw (mixed with some terrier…odd), the beauty of Blue and meekness similar to Kona’s. We are attempting to house train her (for the few times she’ll be inside after her puppy life) and it is definitely trying (a precursor to potty training Keegan....?). After some initial timidness towards her new pack, she has learned to romp with them and tries to play. Though, every time one of them runs up to play with her she runs for the protection of her two legged beings. Keegan thinks she is a hoot when she playfully runs around the house but does not enjoy when she gives him her puppy affection (lots of licks).

Come December, when we hopefully have a proper dog kennel/enclosure in place, we will travel to Pray, Montana and pick up two command leaders, Pulak and Okanogan, from the Absaroka Dog Trek kennels.  I am particularly excited about this, for many reasons. For one, we’ll have enough dogs for the season. Blue is getting old and unable to pull the sled very long and Isis is too young to pull. Also, Pulak and Okanogan will hopefully teach Tensaw, Isis and other young dogs along the way to be leaders. I believe Tensaw has the potential; he just still gets a little distracted. Maybe in a couple years after following Pulak and Okanogan he’ll become more focused.

We have many grand plans but as of now none of it is for certain. But you can be sure of one thing, come the first snow, we’ll be with our 6 dogs, sled, and child headed up the trail.

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