Thursday, January 6, 2011


I was cruising about checking out the North Wapiti Siberians today (like I do many days). I was reading about their dog, Barq. On his profile it says "he is one of those dogs that you can just put into a team and forget about. He just goes about his job without question or complaint." This comment made me think of Kona. I had to double check and make sure it wasn’t Kona’s profile I was reading. She is a wonderful dog and too often I take this for granted.

When I first met Kona she quickly became my least favorite of Cobey’s three Siberians because she did my biggest doggie pet peeve (pun intended), she jumped on me. But after a few years of constantly having my attention drawn towards the idiosyncrasies, quirks, and bad habits of the other dogs, I came to realize (long awaited for by Cobey) that he was right, Kona is the best dog. Kona is extremely smart, exceptionally friendly (hence the jumping, she wants to be your friend that bad), the best listener, and the hardest worker.


From the moment we put her in harness ‘til the moment we take it off, Kona gives 110%, consistently. When a run is not going smoothly, Kona’s name is rarely called (except when followed by a "good dog"). Sadly, she is often forgotten because, like is said of Barq, you can just put her into the team and forget about her. Usually I’m too busy wondering what Tensaw is distracted by or trying to get Okanogan to ‘gee’ instead of ‘haw.’ Unfortunately, I shouldn’t forget about her, and should instead focus on her, praise her more and let her teach our dogs good behavior in and out of harness. This is what I intend to do. Kona deserves more recognition and this is why I wrote a special post just about her, so everyone could know what an exceptional dog she is.

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