Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Eight Weeks Already?

Tensaw, Kona, Okanogan, Paluk and I (Brandi) will be traveling to Stanley, Idaho this weekend with a few other mushers from the Bitterroot Mushers to race in the second annual Stanley Sled Dog Rendezvous. My team of 4 and I will be competing in the 8 mile race (4 miles Saturday & 4 miles Sunday). This is my second race (of the season and mushing career) and first race away from home. I’m looking forward to it; it should be a fun weekend. Check back next week for results.

Cobey and Keegan were planning to join us but we realized someone had to be home this weekend with the puppies. The puppies turned 8 weeks old this week and their new owners will be coming to get them. I sure am going to miss their over abundance of energy and joy every time I go out to see them. I know we will be seeing more of Thor (Male 2) as we have been sledding with his new family this season and plan to more next season. We have decided to keep Guinea Pig (Male 3), to round our team out to 6 next season (Blue is officially retiring). No one claimed Guinea Pig (aka GP) which we predicted because of his lack of “typical” Siberian appearance. He has an intelligent, friendly look in his eyes, is extremely energetic and appears, so far, to have the build of his mother, Paluk. These are all great attributes for a sled dog and think he will do very well in our team.

GP’s name may change. I realized it may not be the best name for a sled dog. We already have trouble with the leaders when we call Tensaw by his nickname, Saw. Okanogan hesitates because she thinks I’m telling her to “haw.” We don’t need further confusion with “gee” by calling out GP’s name. Maybe we’ll start calling him Pig for short but I have a feeling Cobey will not stand for that.

Love your puppas!

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