Thursday, March 31, 2011


On Monday I took the team out afterwork. I hooked up the 5 (Okanogan, Paluk, Kona, Tensaw and Isis). The first turn out of the driveway is a dicey one with 5 dogs but during the previous five attempts the cart has stayed upright and I’ve managed to stay on. This time was a little different. Paluk decided to go to the left of the mailbox instead of right like the rest of the team and she snapped the mailbox post in half and out of the ground! It scared the bejimmies out of her (the team and I) and she popped out of harness and ran back to the dog yard. In the process, the cart flipped on its side and I hit my chin on the handlebars yet managed to get off still standing on my two feet. (I’m very thankful I wear a helmet…just in case that had been worse). After much work, I got the team turned around (Okie didn’t want to go back…she was ready to run). I was just going to give up for the night since nothing from the start was going too well. But Cobey had already wrangled up Paluk and put her back in the yard and said “well are you going?” So I thought, the dogs are fired up, I might as well. So the 4 and I took off. The run was pretty uneventful from there and all were glad we did so (except for Paluk, because she got left behind and was none too pleased about it).

Looks like this weekend’s project will be to dig a new mailbox hole….out of the path of this powerful dog team.

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