Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chickens Take 2

This weekend we were given 4 new egg laying chickens from some fellow Siberian owning friends. These chickens are very different than the ones we had before. Which ended badly, no thanks to Ninja dog, Paluk, and retiree, Blue. We will be much more careful this time around. We checked and double checked the chicken coop and they are secure. Paluk no longer has her puppies and has been returned to her chain. And we're keeping a close eye on Blue (and the rest of the pack for that matter) but after the chicken fatality she caused in the last flock, she understands they're off limits. We sure are enjoying fresh, home grown eggs again though! (Thank you for the chickens fellow Sibe friends!)

Saw wants to be a Pretty Sled dog by being a sled dog and a show dog!

And a smile to seal the deal!

Isn't Tank so cute!


Blue and Isis laying in symmetry.

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