Tuesday, May 17, 2011


It’s been a rather cool spring around the Bitterroot valley enough so that some mornings I take the team out with the cart or I get home from work and canicross with 1-2 of the dogs. This is basically the same as skijoring but instead of skiing behind the dog(s) you run. The runner has a belt that connects by a line to the dog in harness.

Now that sledding is behind us (or ahead of us for those optimists) I’ve been doing more canicross. Around these parts it’s simply for exercising myself and the dogs but in some places, especially in Europe, there are races for it. In my research for local canicross races, I found Minnesota to be a hot spot for these races. Disappointingly, I did not find any local races. I have been putting serious thought into trying to organize a local canicross race.

Our blog does not have a huge following; mostly family and friends that peruse the sight, most likely looking for more puppy pictures BUT….If you are a local, eh heck even if you’re not, could you email us or put in the comments if this kind of race/event would interest you.

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