Monday, August 29, 2011


It’s been a while since I posted. Summer usually does that to a sled dog kennel. Especially the hot summer we’ve been having lately. It’s late but it’s here and we are reminded by the smoke that fills the valley from the surrounding seasonal fires. The dogs mostly lay around and pant. In the evening they get a little more active and play. We’ve made some improvement on the dog yard. Thanks to a much better fencing company in the valley we added another dog yard. The first yard fencing was pitiful and in some places had 4-5 inches of space between the bottom of the fence and the ground; even after clearly expressing our intentions for the yard. The fence around the newest yard is flush with the ground. It’s not Siberian proof by any means, but it does the trick so far with the well trained ones. We plan on burying boards around the base and getting a better gate, though.

Our son is positive he’s one of the dogs. He and Isis have a special bond. They love to play fetch. He throws the ball and she gets it, gives it a few bites, drops it and waits for him to throw it again. They follow each other around and it is adorable! He was also determined to have the leash hooked up to him a few days ago. Try as he might he couldn’t get it to stay on his neck (because I do not keep a collar on my child, believe it or not). I tried reasoning with him that it is only for dogs, but I’m learning these days you can’t reason with a 1.5 year old.

I’m getting really excited for the first snow!!! Tank has grown SO tall. He is full of energy and just wants to run. He is going to make a GREAT addition to our team. Isis has lots of heart but I worry that her small stature and unathletic build (compared to the others) will make it difficult for her to keep up with the team. I’ll keep an eye on her this season in the traces as she will probably be more prone to injury if I don’t. I’m sure all the dogs are just excited as I for the snow. Well, at least for them, the cold!