Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dog cart ride

We had another visitor to our home this weekend and so the dogs and I took Suzy for a spin. We decided to hook up 5 dogs to make the hump up the hill. Okanogan, Paluk, Tensaw, Shilah, and Tank were the chosen ones. The team made the first turns with 5 dogs smoothly, Suzy hopped on after the "treacherous" turns and we were off. Tank and Shilah were not doing well in the wheel position where they started. They were pulling on the right side of the road while Okie was leading on the left which caused Ten and Paluk to lose pulling power. A quick switch of Ten and Luki to wheel and the puppies behind Okie fixed things nicely we had more power as well as Tank and Shilah were learning to follow the lead dog better. I believe Suzy had fun, I sure did and the dogs always do. Thanks for joining us Suzy!

1 comment:

  1. Love to see dog cart here in the Philippines but it is not allowed because of our local animals code and right. Considering also the environment we have, it might not suitable for dog to do pull cart because they will get tired easily.