Monday, January 30, 2012

A post from the youngest Williamson musher

This weekend was my first sled ride! Mommy tied my car seat in the sled basket and hooked up Okie and Blue in lead and Tank and Shilah in wheel. Blue doesn't run much with the team but it was gonna be a short run and she sometimes feels left out. We ran up Skalkaho, the snow was good enough (but not great). I was very focused while in the sled, paying close attention to my dogs. I had so much fun! On the way down we passed by daddy's team, Paluk, Kona, Isis and Tensaw! Looked like daddy was having fun too. Blue was starting to drag with the fast pace on the way down, so mommy unhooked her and she proved she wasn't that tired; it was all a show. But it actually accelerated the whole team's pace with Bluey flying by the team and running up ahead. Now I know why mom and dad keep dragging me out in the snow every weekend because that's a blast!!



Thursday, January 19, 2012

Finally! SNOW! exactly what the dogs were telling me last night!

Kona thought it was tasty.

Tensaw wondered if there was something to chase.

Okie was the most vocal about loving the snow.

Still telling me about it....

Shilah thinks it's absolutely beautiful.

Tensaw waiting to be let out to run around in it!

Paluk was frolicking in it.

The only ones in our family not appreciating the snow....were the chickens!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Flathead Sled Dog Days

We are currently driving back from our first flathead Sled Dog Days race. We ran in the 4-dog 4-mile race. The course was a icy but manageable and fun. I ran with Okanogan, Paluk, Kona and Tensaw. Both days went great. We were last by far but had a blast. As Cobey put it to someone after the first day we were 5 minutes behind in a 25 minute race. The dogs ran well and being there with all the other mushers and teams is a great experience. Doug Swingley was competing in the 12 dog 40 mile race and it was exciting to just be at the same race as him.

Annalisa came up on the first day and after all the races had concluded we ran the puppies (including her pups) with an awesome lead dog Aiyana Ferraro loaned to us for the run. We went about 7.5 miles and it was a lot of fun getting to have a long, enjoyable talk with Annalisa while I rode in the sled.

That was likely the last 4-dog race we'll run as our kennel has grown and can run farther distances. The Flathead Sled Dog Days next longest race distance was 25 miles and ort team is not in shape to run that distance this season.

Next weekend, the Darby Dog Derby!