Monday, January 30, 2012

A post from the youngest Williamson musher

This weekend was my first sled ride! Mommy tied my car seat in the sled basket and hooked up Okie and Blue in lead and Tank and Shilah in wheel. Blue doesn't run much with the team but it was gonna be a short run and she sometimes feels left out. We ran up Skalkaho, the snow was good enough (but not great). I was very focused while in the sled, paying close attention to my dogs. I had so much fun! On the way down we passed by daddy's team, Paluk, Kona, Isis and Tensaw! Looked like daddy was having fun too. Blue was starting to drag with the fast pace on the way down, so mommy unhooked her and she proved she wasn't that tired; it was all a show. But it actually accelerated the whole team's pace with Bluey flying by the team and running up ahead. Now I know why mom and dad keep dragging me out in the snow every weekend because that's a blast!!



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