Sunday, July 15, 2012


We have finally sucked it up and bought an ATV for training our team.  After last season's late season mishap with the cart we decided it was time.  Our kennel had grown in the last year and training had become difficult with a cart that could only handle 4 dogs at a time.  Now we'll be able to run the whole team at once making training more efficient and keeping the dogs in better shape.  Here in the Bitterroot Valley we get snow on the valley bottom intermittently throughout the winter.  It's never much, not enough for sledding but too much for the cart, and melts within a few days.  It would throw off my weekly training schedule trying to get all the dogs 3-4 days a week of running.  Now I'll have more flexibility for those bad (yet good because it was snow) weather days because we'll still be able to run the team by ATV and if it's too icy than we can just skip a day and we'll still be able to get the full training in.  Cobey also was reluctant to run the team by cart because he felt he wasn't agile enough to handle the turn at the beginning.  Now he can run the team too more regularly.  Excited for fall training!


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