Saturday, December 29, 2012

Little Musher Training up Skalkaho

After loading up the dogs, I went in to tell Cobey I was leaving and Keegan informed me he would like to go. We dressed him up in his gear (which included a nice new, warm REI fleece jacket from THE Grandparents for Christmas).

We went up Skalkaho today. The trail conditions were better than I expected; much better than last year. Other than Keegan initiallyh telling me he now did not want to go (which was no longer an option), prep went off without a hitch and we were down the trail! I don't have a GPS so I don't know exactly how far we went but it was between 8-10 miles. They did great. I had Shilah and Tank in lead and, other than Shilah being a very disruptive dipper, they took us down the trail straight and at a good pace. They passed all skiers smoothly, even though you could tell they wanted to visit.

Keegan had fun too and was glad he went. I was glad we all went too.


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