Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pinky and the Brain


Okanogan has been having trouble with our out and back runs, the only training option we have from our house. She's been turning the team around without command so she's be relegated to swing where she still helps with gee and haw but doesn't turn the team around. So I've been running many combinations of dogs up in lead.

The last two days, I ran Isis and Tank together. I've labeled them "Pinky and the Brain" from characters in the '90's cartoon with the same name. Tank is Pinky. He's work horse of the operation and the sidekick that will do whatever Isis, "the Brain" commands. In the cartoon, the Brain devises evil plots to take over the world. Isis definitely has plots, be they evil or not, to take over the world, or at least her immediate world.


On Saturday, no evil plots came to fruition. There was a short detour in an attempt to follow a running herd of deer but they listened well and continued course down the road. Sunday was another story, the evil plot to obtain a rabbit for dinner, led to a long pause in the run as I attempted to drag 6 dogs back up to the trail, 5 of which wanted rabbit; Okanogan just wanted to run.

Tank and Isis are a funny combination as Tank is about twice the height of Isis and they are very opposite personalities but are buddy-buddy. They complement each other well in lead but without the stability of Okanogan running by all distractions we are sometimes in for a bit of an adventure.


Speaking of adventures, Keegan got his shot at his first training today with the team. It was a very chilly day but we bundled him good and I think he had a blast. He tried talking to me the whole time but I couldn't hear him most the time. At one point I heard him ask, "what's 'gee'?"


Good times with the ByDog Siberians!

Love your puppas!

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