Saturday, January 26, 2013

Apparently, Blue is not quite retired

We plan on running the Priest Lake Sled Dog Races next weekend so the little musher and I took the team up Nez Perce this morning.  We got an early start, thankfully because it warmed up today and rained on our way home.  The weather was perfect for our run and the dogs did pretty good.  Okanogan wanted to turn the team, so she got religated to swing and Paluk was promoted to lead with Kona.

Blue has been wanting to run with the team lately after weeks of no interest.  Blue ran to the turn around in the gangline but I unhooked her on the way back as she was dragging the team back a bit.  She did good in lead as an unattached leader; keeping the team going forward.  She had a big smile when we got back to the truck.  She, and I, was happy she ran along.

Keegan also has become a great little musher and won't be left behind.  He's fun to talk with while out on the trail.  Though, he needs to learn that Okanogan's unsolicitaed turn arounds are not 'belly-laugh' hilarious.  Or maybe I need to learn they are and just relax and worry less.  A lot can be learned from a child and a dog.



Blue free leading the team.


Musher in training.




Blue a little while later....getting tired.

Some videos from our run:


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