Wednesday, January 30, 2013

ATV Woes

Tonight was actually a good run. Short but good. It was good for numerous reasons.
First, the team. In lead: Paluk and Kona, in swing Tank and Okanogan, and wheel Isis and Tensaw. I used this configuration the last two runs and I really liked it. First off Paluk keeps the team going forward at a nice pace may i add, and only turns when I ask. Kona is the calming voice to Paluk's insanity. Tank pulls hard but one position before wheel I feel is less demanding on his hips as he's a big boy. Okie is next to him to keep some focus and structure in the middle. Isis and Tenny are a good match for each other's gate and seem to thrive in wheel. It keeps them focused, and they are smaller in stature, I'm finding that actually helpful in a wheel dog as long as my strong dogs are one position before the wheel dogs.

So we hooked up and headed up the road. We made it up the half mile hill and about another half mile on the flat when the ATV (again) shut off and wouldn't start. I got the team to turn and they pulled that machine all the way home. I helped them initially get it rolling and then I ran/steered/pushed the ATV with them all the way to the downhill where I hopped on and rolled that puppy home. I am so proud of those dogs. They did great and never questioned me, just worked hard.

The other good thing about the run was I just rolled with the punches. I kept my cool and, in fact, instead of getting frustrated, I just got more jovial. I've made a change in my outlook and now look at days like this as training opportunities for the dogs and me as well as a problem to solve rather than to whine about. 'It's happened, so figure out the solution'. Mushing has made me understand myself more and is making me a calmer and more controlled person...that and motherhood....

Good Puppas! We're excited for this weekend, Priest Lake here we come!


  1. I love reading your stories. Have fun this weekend.

  2. Thanks!!!! It's been a busy last month and a half, hope to see you soon! Maybe next Sunday.

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