Sunday, January 20, 2013

Darby Dog Derby

We are members of the Bitterroot Mushers and every year since we joined (starting before we joined) the group has hosted a dog sled race, the Darby Dog Derby.

The race was this weekend and it went well. We had a great turn out. The races included 8-dog 27 mile, 6-dog 14 mile, 4-dog 5 mile, 2-dog junior 2 miles, 5 mile skijor and pee wee (1 day) classes. The weather couldn't have been better for a sled dog race, blue bird skies but cold!

As I wanted to focus on organizing the race, we did not enter a team. On the last day though, I brought my team up and we ran afterwards. As I was short on time and we hadn't run much in the last 2 weeks due to a nasty chest cold I had, we went only 5 miles. It was absolutely beautiful out there and so peaceful. Just our wonderful dogs and I. I couldn't have asked for a better run.

When we got back to the truck our race photographer was there and asked if he could go up the trail a little with the team and get some shots. I was a little doubtful that, after having returned to the truck, the team would go back out. I asked my leader, Okie, to take the team out and loop around the parking lot. When we got to the spot where she could take us "gee" back to the truck or "haw" up the trail like I asked she didn't hesitate to turn up the trail. Kona, todays other leader, was less than keen but did so and the team followed. The photographer got his shots and then they were officially done for the day. Couldn't have been prouder of the team.

Love your puppas!



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