Thursday, January 17, 2013

Instincts and planning

Just ask my husband, Cobey, and he will tell you, I am a very calculated and organized person. I had my team's positions figured out for this weekend two months ago. All right that's a bit of an over exaggeration but it highlights my point. That's not to say that I'm not flexible and can't switch dogs and routes given the circumstances but I plan things.

So it should come as a surprise that last night when I walked out the door to run the team, I had no clue who would run where. Other than Paluk, who was running no where until the sore on her leg she licked clear of hair heals a bit.

I didn't think, I just put dogs where I 'felt' they should go. "Kona and Okie up front, Isis by herself in swing, Tank and Tenny in wheel" is what my mind blurted out and I followed.

So out on the run, at the point where Okie usually decides to turn the team around (somewhere we've never done so in the past), she wanted to do it but a culmination of many great things happened. First, Kona was on Okie's left. Okanogan, like Zoolander, can't turn [a team around] right. Second, Kona, great, wonderful Kona decided not to be the "push over" she usually is and just kept running, though Okanogan's tugging slowed her down. Thirdly, my mind blurted at me again, "as long as you can do so safely, don't stop." The team began to crumb in itself but all but one wanted to keep going forward AND no one was tangling. Isis swung out wide left and ran next to Kona. Tank and Tenny kept running up on Okanogan's behind causing her to run forward a bit before attempting to turn again. Quite quickly we made it through Okies turn around zone and we were back to smooth running. I was so proud of Kona!

There is something to be said listening to your instincts. But that isn't to say some planning and preparation aren't important and safe as well.

Good run puppas.


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