Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Shilah and Sixth Day Sled Dogs

Happy New Year everyone! We hope your first day of 2013 was exciting as ours. We, of course, took the team out for a run! Went up Nez Perce for the first time this season. Snow was great, weather was wonderful, dogs and their humans had fun! We met up with a couple other mushers in our club, the Bitterroot Mushers; Nicki Arndt and her team training for the Race to the Sky 100 mile and Annalisa and her kennel, Sixth Day Sled Dogs. Annalisa's kennel last year consisted of 2 dogs, Nora and Thor (who was a pup from Paluk's litter in 2011).

Nicki ran 20 miles and Annalisa and my teams ran 8.5 miles.

For Christmas, her parents were allowing her to add another dog to her kennel and we gave her Shilah. Shilah absolutely ADORES Annalisa and Annalisa loves Shilah. Unfortunately, Shilah had not been doing well in our kennel because her and Isis do not get along.

I will miss her but am not heartbroken because I know Shilah is going to be MUCH happier with Sixth Day Sled Dogs (Thor being her brother and all). I also know I will see her quite often as we run together during the winter and, well, they have to come pick up dog food from us every once and a while :)




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