Saturday, February 16, 2013

Goals and Dreams

It was too warm to run dogs today. WHAT?! How could I be saying that mid-Febuary? I know, it's ticking me off. We're not ready for spring around here yet.

So in light of a post about us running today, I thought I'd would outline our kennel and race goals. First and foremost, our goal is to have happy, healthy dogs that are trained well in harness and off. These dogs are first and foremost, family members.

As far as dog sled racing goes, we ultimately would like to run some distance races; particularly the Eagle Cap Extreme 200, Race to the Sky 350, and Yukon Quest 300. Currently we run sprint races 5-15 miles a day, as that is the training we can fit in currently with small children that is what we race. Eventually we'll work up to mid-distance (as well as, hopefully, pee wee then junior races...), the Race to the Sky and Eagle Cap Extreme 100 milers, and then the 200-350 mile distances. Those are our goals, we'll see which trail life leads us down though! But you can be sure we'll follow it ByDog!

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