Sunday, February 3, 2013

Priest Lake Sled Dog Race Day 2


After a night of multiple trips outside because Paluk had the runs, I wasn't sure what my team was going to look like today. I felt Kona may have been a little discouraged after yesterday's fast pace and I was going to "play it by ear" to see if she was going out today. I had decided at about 3am that Paluk wasn't running.

Fast forward to the race shute and all six dogs were in line. Okie and Paluk in lead, Tank and Kona in swing and Tensaw and Isis in wheel.

In a last minute decision between my manager (my husband, Cobey ;) and I, we switched Paluk and Tank, as I originally was going to run Tank in lead. Paluk, to our surprise, had completely solid poop in the morning, It was so strange, I was starting to believe I dreamt the whole night up. Kona, looked excited this morning to run but to be sure I took her out of lead to spare her the pressure (she can bare the weight of the world sometimes).


This run was even more excellent than yesterday, a little slower pace but less issues, which ended up leading to a faster time, by 2.5 minutes. The last turn to the straight away was less of a problem today, though the team still wanted to take a tight left. This time I caught the error earlier and was able to lead Okie over to the trail where she held and we continued to the finish smoothly! Great job Puppas.

And as an added bonus, since we were the only purebred 6 dog sprint team, we won our first race ever just by finishing!


Great race, beautiful area, fun weekend traveling ByDog Siberian style!

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  1. Keep up the good work, pups! I remember being terrified as I gripped a bike and our Siberians raced along, one on either side ahead of me, happy tails curled up. I sure do mess them. They were good dogs through and through.