Thursday, February 21, 2013

Puppy Trainer

I've said it before, Okanogan is a phenomenal dog and I'll say it again (over and over). She is amazing! She's mostly gotten over her need to turn us around when we stop on the trail. I don't know what it was, but I've given her immense amount of praise for "holding" and continuing "straight ahead" when she looks to be thinking to turn. She will run by ANY distraction (bunnies, deer, people) and knows her gee and haws down pat! She is the best leader a musher could have!

This evening Okanogan and I took Flier on a canicross run. I wanted to see how he'd feel about running in harness. He feels very strongly about running in harness. And he IS very strong. That was the fastest canicross run I've been on yet (stronger than Paluk and even stronger than Tank!!!) He is definitely a puppy though, because MANY things distracted him and that's where the most amazing lead dog/puppy trainer came in. She is SOOOO patient, just does her job (and beyond) without complaint and with extreme confidence. Flier tugged her every which way and she simply listened to me and corrected him. I love that little dog! And Flier....I can already tell; great addition to the team. (Not to mention, Tank and him are already best friends!) Good puppas!


  1. Love hearing about your adventures. Would love to meet the dogs sometime too. Every time I read about your dogs, I realize how much I miss our Siberians. One of a kind, each one. So much personality.

  2. Thanks! You can most definitely come meet the dogs! It's amazing how much personality dogs have, each one is very unique.