Thursday, February 28, 2013

Stanley, ID?

On Wednesday evening, the team and I embarked on our recent routine of an evening sled run. I loaded the 6 dog "race team" (Paluk, Okie, Isis, Kona, Tank, and Tenny) as I wanted to see how they'd do on a 10 miler. As the last race of the season in Stanley, ID closes in on us I needed to see if we were even in the running.

The short if it. Yes we are! They ran fabulous! Not one stop and an average of 6:45/mile which for that hilly of a run is excellent for our team this season! If we decide to make the trip to Stanley, I think our team is going to do just fine.
I thought I got a GREAT 2 minute clip but apparently my phone didn't have the memory space and I only got 12 sec of dogsledding glory!


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