Monday, April 8, 2013


It's so hard to say goodbye to the season. But I think it's over. It has cooled back down this week but the snow is pretty much gone (maybe some sleddable snow left up at Lost Trail). Saturday I took the team on a wet and slushy run up at Lolo Pass after the Bitterroot Mushers gave a dog sled presentation/demo for the Girl Scouts of Western Montana. It was fun! I'm gonna miss you winter!


Love the team! Go ByDog!



You can tell where all my power is.  On the right side, hence why the line isn't straight.  Tank and Flier pull harder than Kona and Tensaw.

  Next time, Tank and Flier will run side by side.  They'll be a good pair!  Kona has trained Flier well, he is ready to run with other teammates.

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