Saturday, November 30, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!! We were the local Thanksgiving parade around the neighborhood this morning. Lots of people out walking and taking pictures as we go by. Even had a van stop to say "That is so awesome!!" It makes me happy to see/hear the local support for mushing!

Team after a good run!

Paluk coming up for air and a photo op.

Jolly boy Flier. He knows how to pose for a picture as well as he knows to pull!

Fluffy Tenny. He struggled today in lead, the people were a tough distraction for him but his biggest trouble were the tiny dogs that came out to harass the team. Still great compared to a couple years ago. He's come such a long way. 


Slobbery boy Tank. Always makes for a nice frosty look. 

Isis does not appreciate photos after a hard run I guess. 

Puppies!! Jig and Whip poking their heads out to say hi. 

Buck wants to say hi too!

So adorable. Buzz was being a bit standoffish. We are 

So Thankful for our family which most definitely includes the 12 furry puppas! Happy Thanksgiving. 

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