Saturday, November 23, 2013

Just as Karen said....

We follow the NorthWapiti Kennel blog quite often around our house.  Recently Karen Ramstead posted about one of her dogs she always thought would be a good leader who took some time but finally has shown her leader abilities.  It just takes some dogs a little longer to mature.  I always thought Tensaw would be a good leader and now with nearly 6 years of maturing, he has. And he did so in pure Tenny fashion, with flare!  He impressed me again this morning on our run.  I asked the team to go 'gee.' Paluk tugged the team hard 'haw' toward the usual route but TENSAW pulled HER gee!  What a stud!!
Tank showing off his frosty tipped coat! It's all the rage now!

The team getting snacks after the run!
Handsome boys!

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