Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Puppies are Getting Fat

I was gone for 5 days to Washington D.C. for the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene conference. I am rare breed.  Not often do you find an infectious disease researcher mushing dogs.  The locales that usually accompany both these activities are polar opposite.  Infectious disease research is often in the city and mushing in the mountains. Luckily, Hamilton, Montana has a well established laboratory for infectious disease research. As I stood at my poster at the conference, I figured I was the only one of the 3500 researchers there with a dog team at home.

When I returned, the puppies had already grown much bigger, fatter, fluffier and their eyes had opened!! They are so cute! They've also gotten much more vocal. And I love it!

Unfortuately my long absence meant the team hadn't run for 5 days and they were getting very antsy.  So as soon as I could, I took them out and they were much happier.  I sure love watching them work!  It's so natural and beautiful and they love it!

Rohn loves his puppies!

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