Saturday, January 25, 2014

Skalkaho Falls!!

We finally made it!!! We made it to the falls!  We've been trying the last two seasons to get there.

We were originally told it was 6 miles up. But it was actually a little more than 7.5. The issue is its ALL uphill to get there. I would start to worry about them physically and we'd turn around.  On a side note, I probably am a little too easy on them, and they can probably handle much more than I ask them. I'm starting to realize that this season, I'll think I've pushed them too far and we get home they play like puppies in the dog yard.... (today Isis, volunteerly ran another 5 miles with Cobey. She snuck off when I wasn't looking and caught up to him and Kona on their run).
Our last attempt last season had us only 1/2 mile to go (I did not realize). There are so may bends in the road at the top and I would keep thinking, it's just around this turn, and it wouldn't be. This time we were determined, though the team seemed to be lossing heart the last 1/4th of a mile.  It was a strange thing though, when we got to the falls it was as if they all looked at me and said, "Yes, that was worth it!"
It was so beautiful out but too warm for January.  I can't believe how not winter it has been around here.  The trails are looking like they do in March and the temperature is is acting the same way too.  I hope this isn't really the end of the season.
My phone camera couldn't capture the awesomeness of the Skalkaho Falls, but it was.
Tensaw and Isis enjoying the beauty of the falls.
On our way back.
Good Puppas!

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