Sunday, March 2, 2014


We like snowmobilers. They pack and/or groom local trails for us. I feel safer knowing they're on the trail too, in case something were to happen. And 99% of our encounters with them are good I not great. But every once in a while, very bad encounters happen. 

We were coming back down the trail a couple weekends ago when I heard a machine coming. I backed the team off because we were approaching a curve and we don't want to meet there. The team was center right, plenty of room for a mobiler to get by. But instead after he rounded the corner (which he hugged very tightly on the side that he had passing room) he swing out, what seemed to me intentionally because it was so "out of his way" and was headed full throttle straight for my team. At the last second he swerved out of the way and again pushed full throttle past the team. It was the worst encounter I've ever had! He did this to every team on the trail that day and it was very frustrating, to say the least!

BUT the next days encounter made up for that and some. About a quarter up the trail Tensaw threw a booty and I figured I'd try and nab it on the way back. Further up the trail I heard a machine coming up on us from behind but it was going really slow, so I looked around to see if he was waiting for my "go ahead" and he's trying to hand me something, it was a booty!! He stopped and got off his machine to pick up that booty and then gave it to me. It was beyond nice and "the call of duty" and it made my day! 

And just for the heck of it, puppy pictures. 

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