Saturday, March 22, 2014

Wonderful Spring Day

Today was beautiful and perfect!! It started off cold, so I took Flier, Tank, Paluk, Okanogan and Isis out with the ATV. Tank started in lead with Flier but was overly distracted. Flier got a little single lead practice in bit after we turned around he was lacking confidence so I  decided Isis needed some leader training. She did great and it really helped Flier's focus too. 

Soon the weather warmed and it was dog yard cleanup day. Tank and Paluk helped me move a young tree originally placed in a bad location. Flier, Okie and pups helped me fill in holes and the OGs (Ten, Kona and Blue) plus Isis helped me with pruning (not dog yard related). 

Cobey took Kona for a run. Tank watched as they headed down the road. 

The eldest, Leonardo the Ninja Turtle, hanging out with Kona. 

We did a little puppy training today too. Everyone's first "pull" in harness. They all did great. Whip and Buck did the best. Buzz was a little tentative and Jig very distractable. It was fun to see they have such a great time. 

Here's Jig before her run down the drive. 

Good Jiggles!

Handsome boy Tank!


Buck wanted in on it!

Tensaw was neutered on Tuesday and unfortunately won't leave it alone. He also didn't seem to care that Cobey wanted to move the ATV. 

Dogs enjoying the weather. Good puppas!

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