Sunday, August 31, 2014


Cobey pointed out to me this morning it was cool enough for a jaunt with the team. So of course I jumped on that!

I took the 6 dog team I finished last season with. I need to make sure we all still know how to do this before roping the puppies into the madness. 

So Flier, Okie, Tank, Paluk, Isis and Tensaw were the lucky six. Hook-up was smooth ( but the usual noisy) and we were off!

All went great, except for that time when Flier tried to drown Okie....flier veered off the road and into the ditch taking Okie with him and landed on top of her in the water. The current was strong but luckily I had a line to tow them both back to land with. Okanogan did not appreciate that. 

Thanks puppas ! This season's going to be FUN!

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