Tuesday, September 30, 2014

8 Dog Team

We're slowly working our way up to the 10 dog team.  The puppies are doing very good on these runs.  Soon we'll be training all 10 at once!

The team headed up to the canal road.
Beautiful view during our run, as always!

Headed to the distraction corridor.  Llamas!


We sure look fast in this photo!

Taking a break!  Okie really wanted to go farther today.

Paluk and Tank always want to go farther!

The puppies were sure enjoying themselves.  Buck is already looking down the trail!

On our way home.

Almost there, you can see the homestead on the left.

Flier enjoys cooling off in the water.

Everyone getting a drink.

Paluk's ready for another spin.

Whip and Buck.

Below is a raw video showing you our trials and tribulation getting past the Llamas.  Okie and Paluk are dialed though!

Good Puppas!

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