Saturday, September 6, 2014

Buck and Whip - First Team Run

Today was the first day Buck and Whip went out with the team!!!  They did sooooooo good!  In lead: Flier and Okanogan, swing: Paluk and Tensaw and wheel: Buck and Whip.

They seemed excited but a bit apprehensive at first but, once we were running, figured out what all the hype was about. Both kept their lines tight and ears forward.  Whip took a little time to figure out she was supposed to run forward. The first mile she was bouncing back and forth between the gang line and the end of her neckline.

Have I mentioned before about my phenomenal leader Okie?!  Today I hooked up the neckline between Flier and Okanogan.  For two reasons, Whip is at the end of her heat cycle but I didn't want any accidents and Flier has been wanting to dive into the canal for a drink in the middle of our runs.  Any time a dog running lead with Okie wants to veer off course she gives them one hard tug with the neckline and they're right back on track.  That dog is DIALED!  I only hope she passes this on to at least one of her pups!

Headed up the road to the canal.

Beautiful morning on the canal!

At this point, Flier was thinking the canal looked mighty tempting.  But Okie was a rockstar!

On the homestretch before the turn for home!

Flier enjoying the view of our garden before I had to tarp for the cold night ahead!  Winter is coming! (I think I'm a Stark at heart).

Paluk enjoying the green as well.

By the way did we tell you we got a barn cat. Our pallet of dog food was causing a serious mouse reproduction problem (from our point of view).  Her name is Priscilla. We've heard she's an excellent mouser.  Let's hope! (She is awful sweet too!)

Good Puppas!

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