Sunday, October 12, 2014

Back on the ATV

After a few week of warmer weather it has begun to cool off again and we here at ByDog Siberians were quick to take advantage of it!

Tank and Okie in lead, Isis an Tensaw swing, Flier and Buck team, Paluk (by herself) team, Whip and Jig wheel. 

I had the team pull the ATV without the throttle for 1.5 miles in 4th gear. We averaged 9 mph. Usually we use the throttle. This season I've decided we're big enough to run without it. Right now is the time to be strength training, build that muscle puppas!

Beautiful on the run!

We are fortunate to live and train in such a beautiful place. The trade off winter is not as snowy or as cold as a musher woul prefer.
Headed home.

Good puppas! Tank (and Flier) love to stand in the water bucket to cool off when we get back. 

"This is my water bowl and I love it!!!"

"I like water too!"

"We are super cute and we know it!"

Paluk is always good for some love before or after a run. It involves less body slams after a run though (she has lots of energy, even at 11 years old). 

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