Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Beautiful, oh so beautiful!

Saturday we had a great run in the (still) very cold fall (we're loving it by the way)!  Tank and Flier were amazin leaders. At one point we were gaining on a whole herd (probably about 30 head) worth of deer crossing the road ahead of us. We had to slow to let the last stragglers pass. Then Tank and Flier kept on running down the road, barely even batting an eye at the deer! 

Flier, Tank, Buck, Okie, Jig, Whip, Paluk, Tensaw, Buzz, Isis

This video was so short because I didn't think the camera was on.  But it's just enough to see the deer darting across the road.

Already looking down the trail!

Having fun in the sun with the best dogs ever!

Just beautiful!

This weekend we were also fortunate to buy, for a really good deal, a whole bunch of equipment from a retired musher (who ran the Iditarod in 1993). So I had fun putting lines together and dreaming of bigger teams. 

Dog coat, mittens, handle bar warmers, snow hook, harnesses, sled sleeping bag...and lots of lines and booties!

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