Sunday, November 30, 2014

Peace and Quiet

No longer is it muddy, the ground is frozen solid. The day was beautiful, cold and peaceful. I put the boys down for naptime and took the team out (the hubby was home, don't worry). It, like always, was noisy getting the dogs ready (though they were quieter today than normal, but still excited). Once Tank and Okie led us down the drive it was quiet and so relaxing from start to finish. 

The dogs were dialed! Like has become the norm they ran by all the dogs (including a few unknown dogs in not usually dog infiltrated locations).

It was wonderful. Love being with my dogs!

Tank, Okie, Flier, Paluk, Buzz, Buck, Isis, Tensaw, Whip, Jig

Speeding along, was a fast 5 mile run. 

Didn't I say it was beautiful out?!!

Nice tight lines!!

On the he stretch! Home base on the right. 

Almost there and still going strong!

Up the drive, home sweet home!

My wonderful leaders!!! Biggest size difference in the dog yard, Okie and Tank. 

Good dogs!!

Love your puppas!

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