Friday, November 28, 2014

Soggy, Wet and Still Running

It has been a muddy last few runs! We got a lot (6in) of wet heavy snow on Tuesday and, in typical Bitterroot fashion, it warmed up, and fast. The pictures below with patches of snow and puddles was taken Thanksgiving morning. By Friday morning the snow and puddles were gone. 

The dogs did great on the runs. Even water adverse Tensaw. Friday's was especially well run given all the dog distractions. There were 4 tiny barking snacks that were biting at ankles and the dogs ran by them. 

Awful muddy Whip. 

Jig doesn't seem to be phased by the mud. 

Tensaw could be happier. 

Buzz taking after his dad, Tensaw, not enjoying this as much as Buck. 

Tank's a mudder. His mother is a mudder, his father (I assume) is a mudder...loves the slop. 

And here's Tank's mother, Paluk. 

Here is the moat Buck built around his dog house. 

Flier and I after our Thanksgiving run. 

Fridays run, without Buck and Buzz. 

Puddles in the tire tracks. 

But none at home (the water on the right is from watering the dogs). Man it dried up fast. 

Love your puppas!

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