Sunday, November 23, 2014

Upcoming Race

We sent in our entry this week for the West Yellowstone Dog Sled Races Rodeo run on Dec 19-20. So, we have a goal and we're now preparing for our first race. We have a great base conditioning under us and we need to add the miles and speed. 

Today I ran 8 dogs, 7 miles. Buzz and Buck unfortunately were left behind. The boys are young and eager. Because of that they've developed sore wrists. They have rather large frames but are not filled out muscularly yet but they pull like thy are. So they're letting their wrists heal but they were not happy abou it today. 

Paluk and Flier were my leaders and they did very well. Especially given we had a very aggressive dog bothering them at one point and they ran right by it! 

Flier, Paluk, Tank, Okie, Jig, Whip, Isis, Tensaw

Tank happy after the run!

Okie quite pleased with herself. 

Whip and Jig always lay down!

These two make a great pair!

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