Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Quieted Paluk?!?

Paluk is a high energy dog. Lately our runs have not been long enough for her. Within a minute of stopping she starts her obnoxious scream. We finally had a long enough run for her! 

We ran 10 miles pretty good pace, aside from a slow couple in the middle. Okie and flier once again were stellar in lead. 
We had a woman drive by and stop to talk with me while the dogs were on water break. She was very excited to see a dog team and looked forward to seeing us more. 

So proud of my great team this season!!!

The best leaders a musher could ask for!!!

Two very happy pups waging their tails. They may have been tired and running slower but they were still happy. All is well. 

Whip and Jig eager to get going again!

Paluk and Tank taking a break. 

Headed home. 

Flier relaxing on his dog house after this evening's muddy run. 

West Yellowstone here we come!!

Love your puppas!

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