Friday, December 19, 2014

West Yellowstone Rodeo Run Day 1

12 miles! This is the earliest in a season we have run, let alone raced 12 miles. And boy did my team show they've improved this year. It was so fun today! No official times yet but from how my team looked and feel, I'm darn proud of them!

Looking forward to tomorrow!!

Stomping hard on the brake. Tank really wanted to go. 

Having a great time can't you tell?!?
Flier, Okie, Jig, Whip, Tank, Isis

So beautiful along the river! 

Look at that phenomenal team!! Look like professionals!

Colette was so kind and brought me hot chocolate after the race!

Putting gear away!

A friend of mine from the Bitterroot mushers, Sonya McCloney, rode with me to the race and ran a team! Our Paluk, Buzz, and Buck ran with her dog Sepp in the 5 mile race. Paluk had a less than stellar showing but everyone else did great!! Paluk was just testing Sonya's skills at untangling dogs. Something every new musher must master. 

I didn't get a picture on my phone of the team coming or going but here is a picture from Sonya on the trail! They look so good!!

Paluk, Sepp, Buzz, Buck

Love your puppas!!

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