Saturday, January 3, 2015

Family Run

Today was a magical day!  The entire family went dog sledding and everyone loved it!  Especially me! 

Cobey ran Okie and Flier, Buck, Isis and Tensaw with the littlest musher, Rohn, in the sled. I ran Tank, Paluk and Buzz, Whip and Jig with little musher, Keegan.  It was so much fun.  We got some good and much needed passing practice in.  They struggled with the first few passes but were practically pro's by the end.  In fact, I was so proud of Tank in single lead, on the home stretch we came across a skier and her dog.  The dog was barking his head off but Tank ran by him!  Good boy!  In fact, we passed a lot skiers and were passed by a few snowmobilers; all clean passes.(I was really proud of Tank today. He had a rocky start but he really did a great job leading the team today!)

Cobey's team in the back, my team in the front.

Here are the two teams before we turned around.

Look at me mom!  I'm a musher!

On the way back, Keegan exclaimed that he wanted to run the dogs.  So here he is on the runners!  He did great!  Very brave for him! He couldn't wait to hit the brake though.  He watched dad using the brake and loved all the snow flying around his feet.

A natural!

Keegan running the team.

So much fun with my little guy!

On the home stretch (no man's land), Cobey's team pushing hard!  Good to see!

We ran a total of 9 miles and it was rather chilly (25degF).  Probably should not have run so far for the boy's first run this season, I don't want to put a sour taste in their mouth.  But Rohn exclaimed when we got him out the sled, "We ran dogs. That was fun!" I think we have two mushers in the future!

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