Thursday, January 1, 2015

A How to Guide: Starting the Year Off Right!

That is how to spend the new year! Woo wee!!! The team and I took some Japanese friends, Hiroshi and Ayaka, on their first dog sled ride. It was a BEAUTIFUL blue sky, calm, cold morning. Absolutely perfect!

We hooked up two sleds in line behind the team, harnessed the dogs, and away we went!

The trail was beautiful and freshly groomed. The scene was so peaceful and beautiful. The dogs were doing what they love. The trees were covered in snow. Ayaka pointed out, 'it looks delicious!' Everything looked like candy with icing on it; like on gingerbread houses. 

We turned around at about 3.25 miles. We stopped to give pets and take pictures and very quickly ALL the dogs were hitting their harnesses and screaming to go! They looked great. 

The run back was as good or better than the way out. We passed some snow machines, a skier who wished us a Happy New Year, and the groomer coming back over the trail again! My leaders were really nervous about it at first but again did wonderfully and pulled the team on by. 

It was quite a bit more weight than we've been training with but they surpassed my expectations. I was so proud of them. It was so much fun taking Hiroshi and Ayaka on a ride and they had a lot of fun. "Our best Montana memory for certain!"

Come back and visit us anytime!

Love your puppas!

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