Monday, February 9, 2015

Corvallis 4-H

The night before we left for the Priest Lake Sled Dog races we had a presentation about dog sledding for our local 4-H club. I was invited by a neighbor down the street. I took Tensaw, Isis, Buck, Okie and I, as well as my sled, ATV and gear.  Unfortunately I took no pictures but we had a blast.

I started with a short (somewhat scattered) presentation about the history of mushing and the Siberian husky.  I showed them all the gear involved with dog sledding and then surprised them with a demo outside.  Boy were they excited!  I hooked up the four to the ATV and took a tour around the parking lot and field.  The kids were running along with the team and the team was having a blast!

Then I let kids take turns at canicross.  They REALLY liked that.  In fact one parent told me today, his son is pretty jazzed about it and wants to get a belt and start running with his dog!

The kids also took turns just hanging out with their favorite of Tensaw, Isis, and Buck (Okie was pretty overwhelmed).  I think the dogs enjoyed it as much as the kids.  Especially Buck, he never knew he could have it so good! I'd say it was a success.

Thank you Rosalyn, for the invitation!

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