Saturday, February 14, 2015

Is winter over?!?!

It is ridiculous outside!  The thermometer reads 57F!!! It's almost certainly low 60s in the sun!

This morning after feeding the dogs, all dogs just got some free running time. Absolutely no running of dogs today.

Some kennel chores were in order.  It's supposedly going to cool off here (at least at night) next week.  So old straw out, clean straw will go in soon.  I'm giving the dog houses some time to air out and dry.

Jig and Whip giving me a "cute" break!!!

...and a pep talk.  "It's looking great!"

The boys got out and stretched their legs too. Whip very much loves her boys.  Too much though, she often knocks them down when she gets really excited.

Buzz being the blackest dog in the yard, thinks this heat is ridiculous too.

Buck.  What a jolly grin!

Okie always has something to say. This time, we all know what it is.  "I want to run.  Go away spring come back in a couple months"

Tensaw figures since we won't be a sled dog kennel any more (given the poor winter weather these days), he'd better start practicing to be a show dog.

Whip getting a drink.

Tank is a photo bomber but usually up front and center!

Paluk and Flier basking in the sun!

It's ME again!  Yes, Tank, you are very handsome!

Flier is quite the personality!

Just goofing around! He likes to cuddle up close!

This shot was pretty cool of his tongue in action!

Paluk on the other hand does not like pictures taken of her....

So I have to sneak them over my shoulder....


Ten.  Getting to be an old man!

He's practicing up for baseball.  It is spring training time, right?

Lazy sunny day for sure.

WHAT?! Tulips in mid-FEBUARY!?!

We're doomed. Winter is over.

Here comes spring.

So Kona got a spring cleaning.  She was very reluctant, hates getting brushed.  But she feels, looks and smells so much better.

Looking beautiful Kona.  You're a new woman!

As hard as it is to believe (as I type this at my computer with a spring breeze flowing in through my open window), we are headed to Seeley Lake this evening to watch the start of the Race to the Sky.  Very excited to meet the Pretty Curly Tails of NorthWapiti!

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