Saturday, February 28, 2015

That's Why We Do This

It was family outing day! Oh it was fun!!!

Cobey and Keegan went across the road to Lost Trail Powder Mountain and Brandi and Rohn ran the dog team at Gibbons Pass Road. Surprisingly the trails were in pretty good shape.

Rohn took to his task of musher quickly. He grabbed the shovel from me and started scooping up random dog poop in the parking lot like an old pro. He's got that very necessary task down..on to the next. 

We hooked up 9 dogs and left down the trail. We ran the team 9 miles.  The plan was only to go a few so Rohn didn't get exhausted.  But he was so exhausted he just took a nap for most of the run, so I decided to go farther.  The dogs really needed it.  They haven't run as many miles as they have been this week and they were starting to get snarky with each other. Everyone was happy after the great run.

Rohn picking up some dog poop.

Out on the trail.

Lookin' cool in his shades. The snow was flying up in his face, so I gave him my glasses.

It was a beautiful day! a good time to take a nap.

On the way back, Tank switched with Okie for the lead position.

Napping again.

Rohn took a turn on the sled.  He loved it!

On the home stretch.

And then he was out again. While I put gear away he snoozed.  He really needed a nap and he took a nice long, toasty warm one in the sled. I had so much fun running dogs with Rohn.

Dogs finally wore out!  They haven't run as many miles this week and it's been obvious.  They needed that.

Then Rohn and I went to pick up the other two boys from the ski hill. We got to see Keegan ski! He did great!

Good job boys!

Love your puppas!

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