Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Training New Leaders

Since we are unable to get to snow currently, due to our broken trailer, we are doing more ATV training.  I'm still training as if we have another race but this up comings weekend plans to race at our favorite race, Priest Lake Sled Dog race, have fallen through (again, due to the trailer issue). We are still keeping our miles up but I'm also focusing on other things.  Like training the younger ones for leading....and that does include my boys!  I talked Rohn into running dogs with me Sunday (didn't take much talking to convince him).  The weather was cold enough for dogs but not too cold for Rohn, so it was perfect. He had fun.  The dogs had fun!  I had fun.  So much fun that I forgot to snap photos during the run.  Here's the team and Rohn after the run.

Flier and Okie (lead), Tank and Isis (swing), Buzz, Buck, Whip, Jig (team) and Tensaw (wheel).  Good dogs!

Aren't the girls just so cute!

All the Saw pups like to lay down after a run!

Isis and Tank.

Such a good looking team :)

And such a good looking musher!
Tonight I decided it was time to start training the Saw pups in lead. I started with Buck.  He ran with his mom, Okie for the 10 mile run.  I was originally only going to run them 7 or so miles but he was doing so good and the team looked great.

Buck and Okie (lead), Isis and Flier (swing), Paluk and Tensaw, Buzz and Whip (team), Tank and Jig (wheel).
The deer were out by the THOUSANDS, it seemed.  On the way out Okie and Buck were necklined so Okie could keep Buck focused and headed forward.  At the turnaround, once he was a little more tired and less "amped," I took the neckline off.  Being free of the neckline is a great way for the dogs to learn the lead position.  By trial and error. There really wasn't much error by Buck tonight.  I was very proud of him and his focus! Deer kept running out in front of the team and, while he was super interested in them, he kept going forward! We even had a suicidal bunny tear out in front of the team (most dogs have trouble running past these little critters) but Buck again ran by where it had crossed! Good dogs!

The reason for the oddles of deer.  A bright moon!

Good  boy Buck!

Not a great photo but I had to post a picture of my great little leader in the making! 

Love your puppas!

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