Sunday, March 1, 2015

Big Day for the Saw Litter

On Friday the Saw Litter had an adventurous day. It was time for their yearly shots and rabies boost so Whip, Jig, Buck, Buzz and I went to visit Valley Pet Clinic, our trusty vets. We really like them and I'm sure they really like us...since we are constantly visiting them; we keep their lights on.

They all did great, though they were very nervous. Buck was the biggest of the three tipping the scale at 52 lbs. He's one of our bigger dogs, smaller only to Tank and Flier (though heavier than Flier thanks to his large melon).

Then we stopped by the dog park.  I let Buck and Buzz run around. Jig is in heat and I don't want an accidental litter by any park visitors, so her and Whip stayed in the truck. The boys sure had fun free running.....

And sniffing.....

....and sniffing.... do more sniffing...

...oh and definitely, lots of peeing....

...more sniffing and peeing....

This place is fun!

Then when we got home, they all got a turn inside. We're continuing to work on inside manors with these guys. During the business of winter we haven't kept this up as well. They've been itching to come inside.  So before I deep cleansed the house, everyone came in and hung out with me.

Buzz was first and also by far the best.  He responded well to where he was and was not allowed to be and, after the first 5 minutes, he stopped needing to run around full tilt checking everything out.  He soon settled down and just followed me about.




I missed getting a picture of Buck inside.  But it would have been the same shot.  A happy dog with a very blurry tail (they whip those things around like fly fisherman).

Love your puppas!

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