Thursday, March 5, 2015

Deer galore

This is my big boy, Tank.

He's the only offspring of Paluk here at ByDog.

He's big. He's sweet. He's goofy. But he's not smart.

Many times when I put him in lead he's distractible.  He'll run the team over a bank if he wants to smell things. But he's fast and has a lot of drive.

However on the select days he puts his mind to it, he's an amazing leader! Today was one of those days.

It was warm, borderline too warm but since Cobey will be gone for 5 days starting tomorrow (which means I won't be able to run dogs) I needed to get them out.

Isis and Tank took the lead position. We got an early start after getting home from work.  Haven't done much running from home in the daylight lately, so that was a nice treat!

Beautiful view always!  Love running in the daylight!

Digging in!

Go Dogs Go!

Come down off the canal.

Just can't beat that view!

Do you see them?! In that field? A big deer herd.  Hmmm...

Taking a break at the turn around. Deer herd, dead ahead!

Getting a drink before heading home.

This is how amazing Tank was today!  Good boy!

Love your puppas!

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